Inna Bogachinskaya was born in Moscow. But later her parents moved to Odessa and she lived her whole life (before emigration) in Odessa where she graduated from the Department of the English philology of the Odessa State University. Since her childhood she took part in school performances, in the English theater at the Odessa University. Inna was a host of a TV program in Russia. She has made a lot of TV appearances as a guest both in Russian TV in New York and in Odessa when she comes to visit her native city.

But still her main call was for writing. Inna has worked as a journalist for many years. Her articles were published in the national press. Her poems were first published in the famous Soviet magazine “Ogonyok” in 1977. Since that time her poetry was published in the local press in Russia. But in 1979 Inna emigrated to the USA.

Her poetry as well as her essays were published in the Russian press in the USA. In 1991 Inna was named a Poet of the Year in New York where she has been residing from 1979. In the same year the Year-book of Britannica called her “one of the most established Russian poets-in-exile”. An article on Inna Bogachinskaya's creative works was published in the "Dictionary of Russian Women Writers" (Connecticut - London, 1994.

Inna Bogachinskaya. She has also been a host of a radio program on the Russian radio WMNB. She is the author of 4 books of poetry and prose: “STIKHiYA” (“Elements”), “Podteksti” (“Implied Messages”), “V Chetvyortom Izmerenii” (“In the Fourth Dimension”), "Perevod s Kosmicheskogo" (“Interpreting the Cosmic”).

Inna Bogachinskaya-Charlotta